In Search Of Part-Time Freelance Ghostwriting Jobs: Hints For Dummies

During the past few years, the need for writing has changed dramatically. Magazines have their permanent staff, whereas newspapers have never been known for paying much money. As far as websites are concerned, here you have some opportunities. You get a chance to show your best work, still the salary is not relevant for your efforts.

Ghostwriting seems to be a field where the demand is increasing more and more. If you are comfortable with remaining unknown and giving all the credit to another person, then it is an occupation for you. Writing books, blogs, articles, or even speeches are only a few items on the list. There are many more other possibilities. The only problem is where to get an employer.

If you feel like part-time freelance ghostwriting is your cup of tea, here are some tips on how to find a real job:

  1. 1. Try to approach literary agents.
  2. These people have contacts with promising clients. They don’t write themselves, but it’s possible to find a freelance writing job with their help, especially when it comes to writing books. They find a client, who contacts a ghostwriter, and the latter works unnoticed. Remember to choose a topic that you are interested in. Additionally, you should have some knowledge in the given field. Then, try to find agents that deal with those subjects. Introduce yourself, and persuade your prospective employer that you are the one.

  3. 2. Go into social media.
  4. Presenting your writing skills on well-known social platforms means drawing attention to yourself. Eventually, people will recognize your name. Potential clients will address you if you succeed in proving your professionalism. Post articles on websites and blogs. The more you write, the bigger chance someone will notice you. Remember to post only useful information. Make sure you don’t write for nothing.

  5. 3. Contact other writers.
  6. Many freelancers perceive other writers as competitors, instead of recognizing a job source in them. Remember that there is enough work for everybody. It’s better to search for work together. You should understand that each writer specializes in their own field. Therefore, if you receive a job proposal in a subject where you are not sufficiently good, pass it to your colleague. Wait for several days, and your partner will share their work with you. This way, both of you will be occupied and engaged in writing on relevant topics.

Be confident in your own skills, develop, and stay positive. Stick to the above-mentioned recommendations in order to find your dream job.

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