Where To Go Looking For International Jobs For Writers

Do you want to have a career in writing? Do you also want to travel? Then you will want to know where to find international jobs for writers! (There are many great websites in the field, but this one in particular really caught my eye) Before you check it out, let’s take a quick look at the opportunities that are available.

Start at the bottom!

If you are just embarking on your writing aspirations, you should simply take whatever work you can find. Like anything else, you’ll need to start at the bottom and work up! The most available jobs for writers these days are copywriting ones. The high demand for written content on the internet means you will find plenty of jobs posted by clients. Unfortunately, most of these don’t pay very well; but if you can specialize in an academic field, such as law, you’ll be able to find lots of online posted jobs- and these ones pay more! Remember, all these jobs will be found and delivered through digital communication, so as a freelance writer, you can work from anywhere in the world!

Chances are…

Unless you suddenly get hired as a Hollywood screenwriter or by an international fashion magazine, for example, I’m afraid that the positions for fixed term international writing jobs are few. But most writers will be freelancers –you’ll find this is the most common way of getting work- so you never know when a new client might arrive with the perfect international invitation. So start at the bottom and work your way up. Get experience under your belt and impress your clients and you’ll find that clients will regularly employ you. The more work that comes your way, the more choosy you can be about what you write.

Travel writers.

If you desperately want to travel and write, the best job for you is probably being a travel journalist. There are many magazines that will consider unsolicited articles. Check on their websites to see who has an open policy. Then see which of the magazines suits you the most. You should apply to as many as you can with various articles, but don’t waste your time with ones that clearly don’t cater for the style of your work. Read through published articles in these magazines to get a flavor of their writing style and what sorts of things they include. The more you can tailor your work to suit their readership, the more chance you have of getting your articles published.


Check out this great website where you can find out more.

Remember, it may take time, but whichever path you choose to pursue, with a lot of hard work and determination you are bound to succeed. So set your sights high, but start off realistically!

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