How To Find Sustainable Freelance Writing Jobs Online

When you start off as a freelance writer you will encounter a lot of obstacles. The first among them would be getting a sustainable job to help you through. It is not easy and it may take you some time before you get an assignment which you really like. Initially, it may take days of trying and frustration and result in no money at all.

Many writers are afraid to take the plunge because of this very reason. It is true that finding a lead in this profession is very tough when you are a beginner. But once you start getting contracts the job offers will come in and you will start earning.

Here are few tips that will help you in finding sustainable freelance jobs online:

  • - Start blogging. This is the easiest and fastest way of getting some work published online. This will get you relevance and you will be able to add the URL to your portfolio. I will lure potential clients and they will also get to see a free sample of your writing.
  • - You may have to post as a guest in some of the blogs and they may not even pay you. But the relevance of the work on your portfolio can not be ignored. So choose wisely. You can work for free or small amount if the blog is very popular.
  • - Do not discriminate between the jobs. Since it is a very competitive field there will always be others ready to snatch the assignments from you. Try to bid for as many jobs as possible so that at least you get one.
  • Be persistent and never give up. Do not through your hands in the air and give up as soon as you face your first rejection. It will take time and patience. You cannot start earning unless you maintain your approach and keep trying.
  • - Get help from other firms. There are many organizations that will help in securing an assignment for you. In return they will take a commission off your works. This is useful if you fail to secure even a single bid. Eventually you will discard them and start getting your own clients.
  • - Write with dedication. Even when it seems obvious many writers make the mistake of neglecting their work because the pay is low. Good writing will get you testimonials and referrals which in turn will get you better paying assignments.

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