How To Get Good Writing Jobs From Home: Basic Guidelines

Starting your career as a freelance writer will not be easy. The most difficult thing is finding good jobs when you have little experience to offer to your prospective employers. Your main task will be to persuade your prospective clients that you possess the skills to write high quality texts.

Here is how you can achieve this goal:

  • - Creating an impressive portfolio.
  • The best method you can use t prove that you are a good writer is to show your prospective employers some of your works. Research your prospective clients’ requirements and prepare a portfolio that consists of texts which fit these specifications. You should go all out when writing these sample articles as they must impress the readers.

  • - Writing a personalized pitch.
  • To catch a prospective client’s interest, you need to send out a pitch that will invite this person or company to peruse your portfolio and consider hiring you. This pitch must be customized to appeal directly to the client, so each one you write must be unique. You will have to send out dozens of letters like this a day until you finally get some orders. This can be rather trying and will require a great deal of patience from you. However, you cannot give in to the temptation of sending out the same standard pitch to every prospective client as this will lower your chances of getting a job.

  • - Acquire additional skills.
  • If you can’t list experience on your CV, you should look into attending some specialized writing classes. Those authors who have already chosen some specialization, for example medicine, should also attend some seminars and conferences that will help them get a better understanding of the subject. Certifications you acquire from any additional courses will help you persuade prospective employers that you really are a capable specialist.

  • - Don’t waste any opportunities.
  • At first, you might get some offers that don’t really interest you, but you should use every opportunity presented to you. Many companies will offer only some simple tasks to beginner writers, and how you handle those tasks will determine whether you will be offered anything more serious.

The most important quality of a freelance writer is professionalism. Remember this when you deal with any prospective clients. Answer any questions promptly and to the point, meet deadlines and accept criticism with good grace. If you exhibit these qualities, you will be able to build up a solid client base quickly.

Look for jobs at various websites and blogs. The more pitches you send out, the more opportunities you will have.

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