Where To Look For Freelance Writing Jobs Related To Agriculture

This is a much specialised area and may require a bit of background research to find specific writing jobs. On the other hand, looking for freelance writing jobs related to agriculture should be no more difficult than finding writing jobs in any other area or business.

Spend time exploring several freelance writing sites.

  • - These sites do not necessarily need to be agricultural orientated, but time spent browsing the list of available jobs will be time invested.
  • - At the same time as you are looking for suitable jobs look at bids that other freelancers have submitted taking interest in the scope of work and remuneration for successful bids.

Seek farming and agriculture online magazines

  • - Look at their classified sections, where clients may be seeking writers. At the same time read some of the articles in the magazines and perhaps contact the editor with some of your own ideas.
  • - It is always worth looking at the webpages of Agricultural Colleges, as they may require a freelance writer for interesting articles or to develop articles that some of their staff have written.

Produce a portfolio

  • - You will need a portfolio that is not only up to date but is also relevant. You may consider writing some articles that are tailor made for your portfolio.
  • - If you do not have any recent pieces of work, then you could always rework and update some examples that you already have or you could, write an article in response to an article that you have recently read.

Specialism - machinery or farming

  • - Just like any other area of specialism, such as Psychology, just because you have experience in one field of study you may not be able to write easily about every topic in that field.
  • - Are you able to write about machinery as easily as you are about crops in Africa or Europe?

Get yourself known

  • - Explore how to get your own blog and how it will get you an income. Start off small gain a following before writing longer and more informative blogs.
  • - Most social media sites, have areas where people can either post or advertise their blogs, and gain a likeminded audience which may include prospective clients.

Advertise your skills locally and globally

  • - Advertise locally, as sometimes interesting and lucrative writing projects can be found by word of mouth rather than through expensive advertising.
  • - If you cannot find suitable jobs, then advertise your skills. You need to look beyond the confines of your own niche and think globally.

Good Luck

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