In Search Of Sustainable Remote Freelance Academic Writing Jobs

It is one thing wanting to be a freelance writer. It is another thing entirely managing to find:

  • - Sustainable, long-term work
  • - Work within academic writing

There is so much generic fluff out there now, that this kind of work is getting harder and harder to find. However, all is not lost and it is not impossible to find work that will keep you going for the long term while stimulating the grey matter at the same time.

Here are my top tips on searching for the crème de la crème of freelance writing work:

Ask your lecturer

Clearly, this will somewhat depend upon the kind of relationship that you have with your lecturer. By that, I mean whether or not they think that you are:

  • - Capable
  • - Trustworthy.

If you happen to tick both of those boxes. Fantastic! Then I would suggest that you ask them as a matter of urgency whether they know of any suitable work that they could refer you to. They are bound to have their finger on the pulse.

The student union

Other than your lecturer, your local student union is bound to get the heads up on any available jobs of this nature. The only problem with this, is that you won’t be the only person asking here. So, unless you have a contact within the student union who you can trust to tell you first, you might find yourself in a race for the work.

Academic blogs

Ad hoc contacting of as many blogs as you have the strength to muster could provide you with a harvest of work. A lot of people just don’t take the time or the effort to do this and a lot of these blogs don’t advertise. Or, don’t even really realize that they are looking for a copywriter until someone plants the suggestion in their head. This truly is a case of nothing ventured, nothing gained.

The local student community

A few subtle inquiries should be all it takes to find out where the work is. A lot of students resign themselves to flipping burgers and delivering pizzas that they never really take the opportunity to explore what other options are available to them. By keeping your ear to the ground you should come up with some interesting possibilities.

Good luck, and if you do happen to find that elusive golden contract, then make sure you hang onto it. You never know when you will get a similar opportunity again.

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