In Search Of Good Work: Advice For Freelance Writers

Being a freelance writer has its own list of pros and cons -- the same as any other occupation. However, there may not be any other industry that is so rewarding, frustrating, lucrative, and disappointing all at the same time. Every writer has their own style in which they put their words to paper. On the other hand, every employer has their own set of requirements and preferences for how they are anticipating their completed project will look.

There are so many jobs out there that it can be difficult to know what you are looking at when you are first starting out. Often you will end up with a ton of questions that you are left searching out the answer to:

  • Is it better to be paid by the hour or by fixed price?
  • How do you price a project properly?
  • Is it worth working for $1.50/ 500 words?
  • Is the employer reliable?
  • What makes work "good"?
  • Where to look for freelance jobs?
  • And a variety of others...

Some of these questions can only be answered by the individual writer. Everyone has a different opinion. However, with that in mind, here is some advice on where you can actually find good work that you will be proud to turn in:

Freelance writing sites: There are several main sites on the internet that have been in existence for many years and who cater exclusively to the freelance market. The advantage to sites like these is that you will be able to find every possible type of writing job that you could possibly be looking to find -- every thing from web content and articles, to e-books and novels. There is no limit to the number of jobs that you can accept, so you can work part-time or full-time -- whatever meets your schedule and income needs.

Online job classifieds: Many of the online classifieds post ads from recruitment staffing agencies. They usually have some of the biggest and most recognizable companies who are using their services to hire writers. Not only can these be wonderful ways to make money, depending on the contract you sign, you can also gain a fantastic increase in your portfolio.

Magazine queries: When there is a certain subject or niche that you are well-versed in, taking the time to send out query letters can be a huge benefit when it comes to getting your name out there. They almost always publish under your name and there is always the possibility that you may be asked to supply articles on a regular basis if you get a good response from readers.

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