Help Me Get Reliable Freelance Writers' Resume Examples To Start Writing My CV

Writing your CV or resume can be a pain in the backside at the best of times. However, when you are intending on branching out into a totally different area then getting your pitch right can seem unbelievably difficult. How do you know what potential clients are looking for if you have never written a single article in your life? Well, thankfully you don’t have to struggle through this on your own. By getting hold of some established writers’ resumes you can set about the process of applying for work secure in the knowledge that your CV won’t let you down.

Here are my top tips to getting hold of those resumes:

Friends and family

This is the most logical place to start. Freelancing is so popular these days that you must know someone who has managed to secure work. Ask them if you can take a copy of their resume/CV so that you can get the basic gist for what is required. Provided you are not constantly leaning on them and asking them for favors then they should be happy to oblige.

Your college student support department

If you are a student then chances are there will be a department within the campus that is dedicated to providing assistance to students. They are bound to have some resume examples that you can take a look at. If they don’t have any that are specific to freelance writing then they will know where to get them.

The wider student community

Students are a tight-knit group that is renowned for helping and supporting each other. If you live in halls of residence then you are probably within easy reach of dozens of examples. If you live independently or with your parents then ask around fellow students. Someone, somewhere will be able to help.

Student forums

Online student forums are a brilliant place not just to interact with your peers but also share resources and information. It should be relatively easy to get the information that you need. The beauty of forums is that they are plentiful and because of the time zone difference there is always someone kicking around that is able to help.

The internet

A generic search of any of the big search engines is bound to throw up some interesting results. Just tap example resumes in and you will be rewarded with a plethora of results.

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