What It Takes To Become A Well-Paid Freelance Music Writer

Music is perhaps the closest to God. When at the peak of his performance, a musician is solely concentrated into creating magic with music, forgetting all the other things of the world. Some can argue that the case is similar with orgasm, but that will only make the topic digress.

Enormous importance

Music writing has been of enormous importance in a world where solo singers and bands keep rocking albums and charts. It is also a ubiquitous part of movies; notably in Indian movie industry.

Three clear routes

Music writing subjectively takes three definitive routes; song writing, music composition and song critic. All these have a welcome audience and subject to the impression that the music makes, the job can be extremely viable. There are a few tertiary routes as well which freelance music writing covers.

Knowledge is necessary

However, you cannot just join the bandwagon as a freelance music writer without learning the ropes. In fact, merely learning the ropes wouldn’t be enough; you have to flow seamlessly with the tunes. Here is what it takes:

  1. Innate proclivity – You need to have an inherent tendency towards music. True musicians see colors in music; they can identify the shades. Assess whether you feel the music in the sunrise, opening of a flower, the first showers; the movement of vehicle and rattling of swords.
  2. An innovative mind – You need to be able to create music on a whim. This will help you become a better freelance music composer. The rendition should be as automatic as a few people have with writing poetry. This is a technique which comes from within; it cannot be taught.
  3. An encyclopedic knowledge – You need to be versed with the musical patterns through the centuries; the crests and troughs of notes and how their variance has been utilized over time. Those who have this knowledge can always make a potent mix-n-match and rise as a credible freelance music writer.
  4. Clarity about forte – You need to be clear about the regime of music in which you aim being a freelance expert. Follow that line; don’t meddle in a route you are less conversant with. With time, your knowledge will become all-encompassing and you may then get into uncharted territories.
  5. Synchronization with tunes – Assess whether you are good with tunes and notes or not; this trait is pivotal to rise in whatever field of freelance music writing you get into. Music, at its best, harmonizes with the soul.

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