How To Get Freelance Fiction Writing Jobs Online: A Piece Of Advice For Beginners

Many young or beginning fiction writers get their start by getting stuff published online. There are plenty of places that accept submissions but don’t offer any compensation. These opportunities for writers to get their content seen, but clearly they aren’t very helpful for anyone that is also looking to make some money. Here are some pieces of advice for finding fiction writing jobs online that pay!

Create a Personal Webpage to Sample Your Work

The first thing to do is to create a personal webpage where you can sample small pieces of your work. Your stories may be several pages or several thousands of words long, so you don’t to post them in their entirety. But it’s a good idea to provide a snapshot of your skills by using a paragraph or two.

Find Fiction Journals and Online Magazines Database

The easiest place to browse through writing job opportunities is to use an online database listing fiction journals and magazines. These databases usually provide brief descriptions of the kinds of materials each journal or magazine accepts along with the best ways for submitting material. You could also view pay rates and click on direct links for more information.

Expect Low Compensation When Starting

Don’t expect to make very much when you are first starting. A lot of places can’t afford to pay very much for writing that may not generate any advertising income, but they’ll still provide a small nominal fee to purchase the rights to publish your work and use it for whatever purpose they feel is most appropriate.

Write Great Targeted Query Letters

A lot of places require you to submit a query letter with your content. This is where you state the purpose of your work and provide a reason why feel a particular journal or magazine is the right choice. Even if you’re not required to submit a letter it’s a good idea to do so. It shows professionalism and could increase your chances of having your work accepted.

Be Persistent and Stay Confident

The most important we have to give young and aspiring fiction writers is to be persistent and remain confident. This can be a really rewarding career path but it usually doesn’t lead to immediate riches. No matter how much or how little you do get paid when you first start keep in mind that hard work often pays off. So keep working on your craft and the opportunities will come.

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