Online Freelance Writing Jobs: 7 Practical Tips For Beginners

The world of online jobs is not always easy to navigate. There are several false opportunities for every real one. This should not discourage you if you intend on being successful at freelance writing. Many people have achieved success in this arena and can attest that it is not a fraud. If you are entering it as a beginner, here are five tips to keep in mind:

  • Be sure this is the industry you want to enter
  • Freelancing is hard. You will need to learn how to manage your time without anyone telling you what you should do and when. This will be difficult for procrastinators. There is also the problem that other people in your household may assume that you are not busy because you work from home. If you are not sure that you can overcome your adversities, find a more stable job and stick with it.

  • Learn everything you can about writing
  • Having decided to go ahead with it, you need to become informed. Too many people assume that they are ready to go when they still have much to learn. By learning about grammar and sentence structure and perfecting your style, you become a better option to potential clients.

  • Put together a portfolio
  • The portfolio show clients that you mean business. By looking through your sample pieces thy get an idea of what you are capable of and can start to feel confident about hiring you. This is especially important early on on your career when no one else has vouched for you.

  • Start applying for jobs
  • The first jobs you get may not be very glamorous. They may even be a bit embarrassing. Treat them as just a way to enter the industry. Do your best and remember that you will get better jobs later on.

  • Solicit feedback from satisfied clients
  • If you know you have done a good job and your client agrees with you, ask the client to give you a recommendation. This can be included in your profile or portfolio so that new potential clients can see that you have done well in the past. He more favorable and detailed this recommendation is, the better. If you can get several from repeat clients, this helps as well.

In time, if you bear this tips in mind, you will find yourself rising through the ranks in the industry. All it takes is dedication.

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