Well-Paid Freelance Writing Positions: Useful Recommendations For Dummies

As a freelancer, it would be a blessing if you can find a job that pays really well. However, that would normally mean that you have to work just as hard! This could be very demanding, especially for freelance writers because you can only work for a certain amount of time. But in any case, you should do anything to keep a job that pays well, even if it means you need to devote more time on it. Here are a few recommendations for you:

  • Deliver great contents
  • Whenever you are offered a well-paid job, you should be delivering great contents. That means they are well researched, well thought out and well written! It doesn’t really matter what the content is about, as long as they meet the above criteria. That’s what your client would be expecting as well! Remember, as a freelancer, it is important that you develop a good relationship with your client; otherwise a well-paid job would not sustain and that would not be good news for you!

  • Don’t do anything that might jeopardise it
  • At times, you might think you could get away with copying and pasting your content from somewhere else. It is very tempting because it’s going to save a lot of time. However, that would put yourself at huge risk and your client could effectively end the ‘contract’ unilaterally! You wouldn’t want that, would you? It’s simply not worth it; all you have to do is just write the content by yourself! Just paraphrase it!

    Another scenario may be missing a deadline. Okay, you are just human and obviously you would still be unable to meet some deadlines! Don’t run away from it and just face it. Tell your client the reasons and ask for his or her understandings. If the client were a kind person, he or she wouldn’t even mind!

  • Stop looking for other jobs
  • A well-paid job demands you to be fully committed to it and therefore you should stop looking for other freelancing jobs (unless you think you can handle it!). The job that you are doing should be rather demanding already and you really can’t spare much time to work on other projects. A good idea would be to just focus on your current project and just make some decent cash! There’s no point in taking more risk!

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