Freelance Writing Opportunities: Useful Suggestions For Starters

It's never been easier to become a freelance writer than in today's brave new digital world. If this is a career path you're thinking of following, here are a few examples of the various avenues of freelance writing that are available to you by Write Zillas:

Copywriting -One of the most highly demanded skill-sets from clients is that of copywriters; writing short set pieces, usually at speed for quick turnaround, for brochures, advertisements, web editing, SEO copywriting, content managing and more. There are plenty of jobs regularly posted on major and smaller websites, and you can even upload your profile to allow business to come to you.

Journalism -If you want to be a journalist, you're probably already working on your college newspaper! But even if you're not, there are plenty of journalism career paths for you to choose. A good first step is to get a job with a local newspaper for experience. However, from a freelance point of view, it really is as simple as scouring through the lists of magazines, journals, newspapers and online based companies to find out their submission policies. Many will offer an open submission basis, so all you need to do is keep working on those articles and sending them off until you get a few bites!

Proofreading and editing – There has never been such a demand for this service! O.K, it's not quite writing, but with some full copy edits, it can certainly feel like it! Becoming a proofer and editor will always be beneficial to fine hone those writer's skills of yours. As well as plenty of academic papers and businesses that require this service, there are also now a large amount of self-published authors who are in need of your skills.

Travel Writing – Another popular trend is writing articles for internet based travel companies. Have a look online to find out which sites offer an open submission policy, and you'll see various opportunities awaiting.

Blog writing – There are ample opportunities for copywriters to provide short blog entries for various companies, but as well as that, it's quite feasible to make money out of your blog. It's remarkably easy to set up a blog page these days, with so many streams of income with such things as online ads available, that if you find the right popular or niche subject to write about, you could well have a success on your hands!

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