How To Get Good Freelance Business Writing Jobs From Home

Business writing can include corporate blogging, business proposals, sales writing, and press release statements. Knowing how to structure these different content pieces is essential to getting good jobs in the industry. You will also need to know how to deal with business clients so as to gain their trust and repeat business. Researching the companies you intend to work for is also imperative, since different companies often require a preferred writing tone.

Professional proposals

Business clients will respond well to a freelancer who addresses them with professionalism. Use formal language in your proposal such as formal greetings and proper business etiquette. Words like ‘Hi’, ‘Cheers’, and ‘Awesome’ should be avoided. Refrain from using exclamation marks in your proposal too, as this will alter the tone from formal to casual.

Get familiar with other business content

It’s a good idea to scan the internet for business content just to get an idea of how it is done. If you find some good examples, copy and paste them onto a document and save it in a folder for future reference. The more of this content you are exposed to, the better equipped you will be when you take on a paying job of the same nature.

Business knowledge

You need to know a little bit about business before taking on business writing. Make sure you have a good idea of what will be expected of you. Read some blogs about business writing, and even consider buying a book about it. Stack up some resources and use them to refer back to if you need any advice.

Short business writing courses

Don’t take on freelance business writing jobs unless you have studied a short course online. There are many of these courses—some of them free—so invest some time in educating yourself about tone, style, and format. You are likely to learn lots of skills you didn’t have before, so don’t overestimate your talent unless you have a qualification to back it up.

Research your client

When you have the opportunity to propose to a client, always check out their industry first. Many clients will put out a brief that contains their website address, but if not, simply ask them to send it to you so that you can do some research. The more you know about a company and their industry, the better fitted you will be to serve them adequately.

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